Welcome to Atlantis Kultur 

What is Atlantis Kultur?

Atlantis culture is the rise of positive livable behaviors and the cultivation of natural healthy language, inside and outside. Atlantis culture is also the cultivation of awareness and understanding through knowledge transfer as a basis for personal growth. Atlantis culture is based on the knowledge of advanced civilizations that have managed to live in harmony and peace. Atlantis culture is based on the reemerging knowledge of Atlantis to recreate Atlantis, through every person who synchronizes his behavior with Atlantic knowledge.



The cultivation of natural positive human behaviour is the basis of this new culture. Every human being can decide for himself, on the basis of his FREE WILL, which topics he wants to cultivate and live for himself and his life. The free will of man is untouchable is the basic principle of the Atlantic culture and this is the gateway to the Atlantic BEING


We know that the freedom of the individual promotes life and provides people with energy. Both free will and energy are therefore the basis of this culture. We assume that a healthy and happy life is cultivable and learnable and that every change of consciousness, every attitude of inner parameters - like thoughts, evaluations and focus, character, brings about a change in life.


Living humanism is part of our culture. We have decided to put our acquired knowledge into practice and to live it. This means to use the KNOWLEDGE, to implement it in all areas of life and to practice it actively.


For example love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation, free will, energetic principles, laws of nature, quantum physics, humanism, hermetic laws, ...and so on.



Atlantis Culture are people who are attracted to Atlantis and want to recreate the wonderful high culture through their own personal contribution.


Atlantis Culture is actively engaged in cultivating healthy lifestyles and teaching and communicating harmonious interpersonal bioresonance. Every human being is therefore called upon to use his communication to pass on and mediate life-promoting things and to deal with them if he wishes.


Communication can be used to promote health. Through positive words, appreciation and gratitude. Only the FOKUS should be aligned to this. For as we know, we always perceive only a small part of EVERYTHING, why not the positive life-promoting part?


In order to give his mind and energy system the possibility to better align the FOKUS to positive fields, this website provides an optimized energy system. The Atlantic Heart Crystal. Everyone may use this system free of charge for himself and also pass it on. The Atlantic Heart Crystal shall be given away and not used commercially to give all people the opportunity to live FREE and HAPPY.


We are all open and friendly to every other culture and way of life, respect the FREE WILL of every living being and try to spread HARMONY and CONDITIONLESS LOVE around us for all. We are always ready to exchange knowledge and information, to pass it on and to open ourselves to other ways of life.

Atlantis culture is all people - regardless of their religion - regardless of their origin and orientation. Atlantis culture is all people who want to live in peace and freedom. Through the hermetic laws we know that a community with a FOCUS can create it if people align themselves to it. Atlantis culture tries to form this FOCUS and include ALL.


We are all equal, every person wants love, peace, community, friends, good life, ... etc. We are people who live on a planet that gives us a home. It is time to become aware of the basis that every human being has the same needs and we need our earth to live on. It's time to decide for yourself which goal I have and no longer follow group dynamics that don't match my own goal. So choose for yourself what you want.

Atlantis culture is not a closed society, but a cultural orientation of humanity itself, to use the knowledge that exists to preserve our planet and to create health and well-being of every life.


Atlantis culture is a LIFE SETTING - a way to achieve a better life, a way to give your life a positive meaningful and healthy direction.



To eat healthy and enjoyable food and still be mindful of resources. A way to get to know oneself better, to be open to others and to form a community that is GOOD to each other and to the environment. Anyone who is part of a positive community worth living in - is HAPPY.


Atlantis culture is a way of many possibilities. We try to weave in this way all resources that help to make this way simple and practical. Since the change there is no longer I am either or, there is the possibility both to choose and to choose. Nobody has to choose only one WAY, Atlantis culture and the knowledge of the New Era can be integrated into every WAY.


Nobody's more or less than anybody else. WE ARE ALL THE SAME.


Let us build bridges - work together - for all of us - for the one WORLD on which we live. Become part of the movement. It becomes TIME. Choose for yourself.


The writings of Atlantic culture describe a WAY that is both simple and comprehensible to implement. It is up to each person to define his or her own goals, to design his or her WAY and then to walk it.


The new beginning of acting, thinking and speaking is possible from the perspective of NEW to allow and to get involved in a new WAY.


Life can be more than it seems at present, nothing will be the same as before when the WAY is started and everything can be achieved when the principle is understood.


We use the laws of nature, hermetics as well as quantum physics and bioresonance, which can all be explained and understood in simple form in the writings transmitted so far.


Everyone is FREE to become an Atlanter and to use the knowledge for themselves.

Atlanter means "to be connected with Atlantis". But anyone who turns to Atlantis can also be connected to Atlantis. Because it follows the Atlantic WAY.

The creation of the golden ratio, positive living habits and harmonization of the everyday life stand in the first place for yourself. It's not about saving the WORLD, it's about starting with yourself and spreading the same around you by harmonizing your life.


On the basis of the FREE WILL, each individual determines his or her own way and goal. Every resonance of your life - is your CHOICE. You have chosen every life experience. Choose again and become familiar with it - which natural laws your life is subject to.

Atlanter becomes one with the back connection  >>> The Atlantis Heart Crystal System >>>

Atlantis High Priest  one becomes with the six-month training and transformation of the body-mind-mind construct.

Nevertheless, every person can use and apply the free knowledge for himself without connecting energetically. The Energetic Foundation unlocks processes in the body system that enable the BEING to experience expanded perceptions and grow faster.

We will translate this Website - if you have questions - ask by Email also in English