become an Atlanean

Becoming Atlantean is an energetic update for all earthlings. The energy system is entering the next stage of evolution. This is free of charge.


Being Atlantean enables what one is living at the moment to live in a high-swinging form and WISE and to reassume natural life form.


- Michaela Molls - 

Älterer Mann



New Energy System

The transformation of the Atlantic Heart Crystal takes our energy system to the next level, no matter where we are.


All chakras and side chakras are again combined to our true BEING - the energetic full spectral structure - the Atlantic Heart Crystal.


Space and time, as well as dimensions are thus accessible to us again. Nothing more is necessary.


Slowly we begin to get back in touch with our true energy and experience the contact to our true source. 


Through this connection we are permanently connected to the Atlantic field consciousness and our true source and free ENERGY can flow into us.

Free yourself from dependencies


Everything Changes

We succumb to the illusion that we are living in a stable habitat, but everything is changing and in motion. Everything vibrates.


Vibration determines our movement and our energy and also our energy density.


Music has a great influence on our feelings, this example shows the power vibration has in our life.


Vibrations are absorbed into our system past the SENSES and spread out again. 


Atlantis has protective fields, energy fields and energies to maintain life-promoting vibrations and to purify and increase our BEING.

Stelle eine lebens förderliche Frequenz ein.


Full Spectrum from Atlantis

We perceive only a small part of the spectrum through our senses. Due to our energy system we are limited in our perception and therefore also in our ability to see truth.


Atlantians receive the full spectral field through the Atlantic Heart Crystal System. That means they are connected from Alpha - Omega to everything that is.


Slowly this perception develops on different individual levels and expands the perceivable spectral field.


There is much to discover. There's more. We have seen only a fraction of what truly exists.


Development with Atlantis is an adventure. A departure to new shores.

Being a Discoverer of a new Conciousness


High Vibrations

Crystals have the property to hold high energy densities and high vibrations. 


In the energy system, crystalline structures can permanently stabilize good emotions, feelings, thoughts and VALUES.


High culture is created by these crystalline VALUES which are triggered by the crystal body process.


Atlantis works with energies, frequencies, vibrations that accelerate this process. 


Crystalline organs and structures, such as crystalline pineal gland, crystal brain, as well as energetic cell optimizations.


Crystal light frequencies, as well as aura layers support a harmonious growth.

Crystal Body Process


everything is ENERGY

Language, voice, sound, tone, smell. Everything is ENERGY. We only perceive the surface and cannot yet recognize the possibilities of frequency communication.


Frequencies determine mood, emotions, feelings, thoughts, experiences, events, moments, synchronicities.


Atlantis works with frequency keys that write themselves into the system when the individual wants to develop and generate life-enhancing experiences that trigger development.


Frequencies are life changing. Frequencies determine the whole of BEING.

Set a life supporting frequency 


dissolving duality

Only in the unity exist high vibrating pure life processes. In duality man creates at any time opposite states in order not to bring the balance of the earth out of balance.


Living in the UNITY enables clear vision of things that are, as well as states of BEING of the highest quality. 


Nevertheless, life is worth living and vibrant, more than that, it is exciting.


Coming back to oneself helps to find one's own WAY and to experience the adventure of living completely.


Unbelievable felt moments, as well as exciting surprises are waiting in a BEING, which is guided by intuition and synchronicity.

Come back to the UNIT