Natural life is not linear and controlled, but spiral and synchronistic. Planning and controlling is not possible in Atlantis and the Golden Age, nor in advanced civilizations. Freedom and spontaneity are the basis of vitality.


- Michaela Molls - 



the origin of happyness

Happiness and joy is a sign that excess energy and strength is available. Laughter can only arise when the energy from within takes a WAY to the outside.


Personal happiness and joy are largely dependent on our well-being and energy balance in life.


Our inner fields are allowed to unfold freely, because every blockage that holds back our powers reduces our personal expressiveness and joy.


An important step in Atlantic life is to live and experience your BEING completely and to take your wishes, needs and desires seriously.


To discover, get to know and unfold one's own BEING, like a flower, is the basis for Atlantic life.

Go in search of yourself

Whats the WAY

- Michaela Molls - 

If you are just starting Atlantis, you may not have any idea how to start or what to do. Here are some suggestions.


Basically there is no plan, so it is a little bit different than everything we have experienced so far. Follow your own intuition, your wishes, your personal WAY.


Choose something on this website every day, or as needed and occupy yourself with it for a WHILE. That is all.


What happens then? Through your free will of turning, you make contact with Atlantis. You select a frequency key of your choice to synchronize with it. Then the miracle of Atlantis happens. Atlantis frees you from your prison through energies and gives you experiences that will change your life forever.


This is the Atlantic WAY.

Only be in contact with Atlantis


watch your feelings

We are sentient beings. Your body, your soul, your thoughts reflect how you feel, what you really want and what your BEING needs to live.


Take your feelings seriously. Everything affects your health. If you ignore yourself as a human being, suppress or push away your feelings, your own VALUES, your needs and settle for things that do not really belong to you, entanglements arise that lead you away from yourself.


To feel and perceive yourself, to treat you and your life with care is the basis of the Atlantic Way. Atlantis begins with you. You are the most important part of your life.

take yourself seriously