Atlantean High Priest Education

High priesthood is the highest position under the energetic field consciousness, the Akasha and the Galactic Federation.


The high priests are back on the EARTH - to bring the EARTH and earthlings into harmony. Each high priest develops individual abilities to carry out his task on the WORLD and to find his calling.


- Michaela Molls - 



energetic frequencies

Each high priest training has an individual energetic scripture that connects frequencies from the Atlantic field consciousness with the high priest.


Each book is divided into 5 fonts. One font per training day. Between the training days there is a break of at least 4 weeks, so that the energies and frequencies can show themselves and experiences can be lived.


The training takes half a year and the book is PART of the training. The energetic writings are essential for the training path and necessary for the connections to the Galactic Federation, the Atlantic field consciousness and the supporting races and peoples.


The student receives the writing digitally.

An individual training via zoom can be booked individually at any time.


personal channelings


individual days and time

English language training is currently only possible on an individual, personal basis. Please ask for your personal possibilities by email. 


Schedule 5 day seminars with 4 blocks of 1.5 hours each. Due to time differences, the times can also be arranged individually.


Please get in contact.

If you like to start your education - use the July Special offer. 2.500€ per half year education. After that the education will cost 5.000€ per half year transformation.

start, end and time individual


education time

The training lasts half a year with 5 training days. Even if time and space curl up during training and time and space do not really exist, this requirement is roughly correct.

Energies and transformation take place from the beginning of the registration until after the graduation day and transform the high priest into his personal connection.

During the training period, the high priest adept is personally accompanied and energetically supported by an already initiated high priest.

At all times it is up to his free will to ask and to get more energies than is the basis. The pupil determines his WAY at any time. The pupil determines his options at any time.

After the training, the self-sufficient basic connection is established and the high priest is completely FREE and INDEPENDENT.

time near 6 month


worldwide connection

I use ZOOM as an online classroom. The spectrum is constantly being individually expanded and digitally optimized. Certainly there is Telegramm, WhatsApp, Facebook and Telephone for the Daily Contact.


Because of the worldwide access, the High Priest Training can be reached so easily from any place in the WORLD. 


You can ask for personal timeline and possibility any time.


A lot of contact windows worldwide



Half a year requires constant dedication of the mentor to the student and energetic support also beyond communication.


Fields are balanced and unlimited communication can take place. An all-round feel-good package.


Additionally Channel I the training books live, that means the book will be rewritten soon. 


The cost of high priestly formation is well thought out and considered. Remember that you invest the MONEY in your BEING and your personal development, and when Atlantis calls you, in your authentic path of life.


The training is not possible without financial compensation, the fee is charged in advance. This has also an energetic reason.


Individual training courses can be booked personally at any time. I charge a fee of 5.000€ for this.  If you join with several people, it can be cheaper. 

5.000€ per Person / July Special 2.500€

Arcturian Race

Alien Technology

Please keep in mind during the training that it is about the incorporation of extraterrestrial technologies to support human development.


Instructor of this training is at all times and unalterably the Atlantic Field Consciousness, the Galactic Federation and the High Council of Light under the patronage of the Light Lord Metatron.


Atlantis is supported by the Arcturians. Independent of the mentoring processes and personal human support during the training, the subtle human system is being transformed.


It is not recommended to interrupt the training, the will to finish the training should have the highest priority.


Atlantis creates high culture and windows of opportunity for evolution. High priests turn to this possibility consciously and voluntarily.

extraterrestrial technologies



Michaela Molls

Atlantean High Priest and Medium of the Atlantean Consciousness

Founder Atlantis Kultur

since 2009

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