Atlantis Culture Guide

Atlantis Culture


Atlantis culture is a way of life and cultural orientation of the individual.


Atlantis culture focuses on the cultivation of lenbs-promoting lifestyles and behaviors in all respects.


Atlantis culture includes awareness training, energy work, energy control, behavioral training, life school, perception training, communication training, interpersonal bioresonance, self-discovery and becoming free through experience.


Atlantis culture is not a form of community, but an individual turning and personal free adjustment to one's own good life and to establish the focus high culture in one's own BE.


Atlantis culture exists where humans turn to Atlantic ways of life.

Resonance and vibration principles


Everything is resonance. Everything is vibration. Resonance is the mirror of your soul. As inside so outside. Resonance and vibration are part of your BEING. You decide at any time what you manifest and create as your world is. You decide what and how something is part of your WORLD. Those who know and can apply the principles understand. Atlantis culture conveys lived hermetics.

The Atlantis Principle

The free will of human is untouchable

The FREE WILL is the energy source of every human being. Only with energy can life exist.

Anyone who can respect free will will be able to step into the Atlantis field consciousness.


Freedom grants everyone health, well-being and restores the natural metabolism.

This ist Interpersonal Bioresonance.

All processes of "not" peace are regulated with this principle.


The free will is regarded as the basis for the entry into the Atlantis field consciousness.

Who lives and respects the free will gets access to the Golden Age and the energies and ways of life of the NEW TIME.


The human being consists of energy and power. If this energy disappears, this has an effect on all areas of life. Energy and power are created through freedom. Energy and power arise through movement and self-realization. But energy and power also come from love and good interpersonal vibrations. We try to increase energy and strength for each person.

If a person can decide independently which WAY he wants to choose and walk, he creates energy and power for himself. Freedom is therefore an important factor.

Energy and strength are responsible for the fact that you can get up well in the morning, can do what you want, have enough strength to walk your WAY or to strive for an individual New WAY. Everything depends on energy and strength, also in which vibration state and in which energy level you find yourself - whether you have down vibrating emotions or high vibrating ones like happiness and joy.


Both the respect for the Atlantis principle of freedom and the energetic restructuring through the connection to the Atlantis Heart Crystal or the new behaviours change every human being and his environment.

Everything undergoes a restructuring. The world is again adapted to a healthy natural measure. A new world order emerges.


The one who lives in the true feelings of his SELF and follows his own inner intuition is once again bound to the laws of nature. The universe regulates desires and needs independently. It is only necessary to be honest and truthful with oneself and one's surroundings.

Needs are a WAY, as are desires and longings. The aim is to follow the healthy inner needs and directions again and to let yourself be guided by them.


Crystalline body structures form automatically with the energy of Atlantis. Anyone who wants to transform their own energy system energetically can do this free of charge with the Atlantis Heart Crystal.


The process is unstoppable. The Crystal Aura provides an undisturbed process of transformation and protection from any vibration and influence. Atlantis itself distributes energy to those who wish to turn to the NEW ERA.


Your being decides what you experience and in which field you live and exist.

It is possible to live in harmony and peace with the environment, the WORLD and all races. Each person chooses for himself.


Everybody chooses his resonances (appearances in the WORLD), his WAY, his consequences, his health, his inner orientation, his FOCUS and his OBJECTIVE and his GOALS in life.

You  create your life and your BEING with every decision you make.



Vibration generates WAVES into space. Every decision of the human being sets an individual BEING state. All BEING states create an individual vibration and window of opportunity in the room. This is lived hermeticism and follows the laws of nature.

When positive natural vibration is generated, harmony and peace or happiness and joy is created. Vibration always arises and starts from every life. Become aware of your responsibility and train yourself in it.


Energy can be controlled and directed with the consciousness / spirit. When the human beings has understood the laws of nature, he can take another path. Consciousness is therefore an important factor to become aware of one's own BEING.


The human being is basically anxious to give his life meaning, goal, self-determination and growth.

Humanity itself is holistic, that means determined by body, mind and soul. Every human being strives to find a better life, to discover and develop his potential and to perfect his communication and way of life.

The inner and outer posture shows everything that constitutes a person.

Culture can give a direction and direction to this endeavour.

Let us all begin to cultivate ourselves. For a better life of our own and for a better WORLD.