Food sources

Food is all we eat. The food, but also the form and processing of it. quality and preparation. Intention and environment. 


Food also flows from people to us and influences us massively. Therefore, food is all we need to live and should not be reduced to food alone.

Be aware that all is energy - and you need energy, if you will be magical.


- Michaela Molls - 

Gesundes Frühstück


smoothies and LAVITA

In order to supply myself daily with all essential vitamins, I use the power of fruit and vegetables. Individually I supplement my smoothie with superfood, herbs and algae. 


The film "You are what you eat" shows you the importance of natural healthy nutrition. 


I supplement my daily care with LAVITA. A juice concentrate which contains all necessary vitamins in a simple liquid form. 


If you like, you can use my advisor number 33 99 46 when you buy it Online.


When you mix smoothies, pay attention to both appearance and taste, because these components also have an impact on your BEING.

optimize your vitamins


amino acids and protein

Proteins are vital and important for our skin, organs and the structure of our entire body.


After half a year, your body will consist of the proteins that you have taken in with food. 


Skin and hair are not supplied until vital building work has been done, i.e. when your body has an excess of protein. 


Therefore, pay attention to a complete supply of all 8 essential amino acids, which are taken in through the diet. I use MAP for this. Amino acid pellets from natural sources. 


You can find MAP in all online shops, make sure you get good quality.

Map for Youth


Important Input

Your fellow human beings are part of your food intake. I have found that my diet depends on the people around me and how well I feel.


In summer when there is a lot of sunshine, we are less hungry and eat more healthy natural foods. 


The same applies to the environment and our fellow human beings. When there are many beautiful contacts and moments, we are hungry for healthy natural living food.


We live more healthily when our environment is healthy. It is not only the influence but also the energies that lead to the fact that we need less "stress-food" and our input is healthy.

Important Input for your Life


Bio Algae for health

To optimize my iron, copper and calcium supply I intuitively use chlorella algae. I mix them into my smoothie or conveniently use them as tabs.


Chlorella is a superfood that not only detoxifies and cleanses the body, but also provides vital ingredients.


Vitamins, minerals, proteins and Omega 3 I order my Chlorella Tabs from Edelkraut, because they are also ecological, cheap and practical. 


Because I have furnished my kitchen plastic-free and ecologically, this possibility is worth GOLD for me.

take superfoods for your youth and health


healthy bones and teeth 

To strengthen the bones and to include enough calcium in my diet I use Sango sea coral and algae. 


Depending on my intuition I change my superfood for smoothie, breakfast porridge, lunch or as a supplement.


There is a red alga "Lithothamnium Calcareum" which perfectly supplies the body with a lot of natural calcium. 


It is important to note that the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and nutritional values work hand in hand and the supply only gets to where it belongs when we have taken good care of everything.


Therefore consider your body as a work of art, which needs to be optimized by giving you everything that keeps you young and alive.

healthy bones


family and love

People close to us have a very big influence on our well-being, our health and our life, as well as on our habits.


Not only that, they change our energies daily because we are in contact with them and synchronize ourselves.


Whether we like it or not, our decision alone is responsible for opening ourselves to the energies and frequencies.


This influences our BEING, our personal TYPE and WISE and also our decisions.


Fellow human beings can therefore be seen as a source of food in every respect.

Be aware about your environment


vitamins and health

Of course I move in daylight every day. Sun and light are just as important for health as exercise and sport. 


If you cannot spend enough time in nature, support your body with LAVITA. It contains natural vitamin D. Or suppelmentiere for your health.


It can be useful to have your VALUES checked by your doctor annually to avoid illnesses. 


Vitamin D and sunlight, as well as joy, love, happiness and positive emotions that go along with it are life-givers for you and your health. 


Use the power of nature, the sun, the light in a natural way and WISE and support your body and mind.

life Elixier sunlight and happiness



I use Superfood as a topping for my diet. Berries, nuts, seeds, healthy fats and more.


I especially love nutmeg, which I can easily integrate into all meals.


Also learn about OPC, sulfur, MSM, astaxanthin and food enzymes.


You can receive them both naturally and as a supplement. Anything that appears is a result of what happened before.


Recognize that the result of your health appears due to the fact that you have previously consumed certain things.


All things in moderation and at certain times certain things because they are necessary, keeps your life naturally in harmony and in movement and change.

Love Food



The consumption of media and the influence of messages we absorb from our surroundings is enormous.


I reduce my media by only watching channels that bring life-enhancing or important news that affect my own life.


I take advantage of time out by switching off EVERYTHING and staying exclusively in NATURE.


The media include books, mobile phones, Internet, TV, advertising posters, fellow human beings, telephone calls, webinars, seminars and much more.


Consumption is also buying frenzy, crippling and accumulation of objects that inevitably reappear in our everyday life. 


I use minimalism to create clarity in my life.

Influence of your life