Enjoy Your Life

To cultivate one's own life means to think about the things whose importance determines one's own BEING, enriches it and radiates it positively into the environment.


A good way for a healthy and happy life is to orientate oneself towards nature and divine order. Spend time with people you care about.


- Michaela Molls -

Frau im Feld Gehen



One of the most important elements to cultivate yourself in a life-enhancing way is to focus your attention on the things you want to have.


Our consciousness can only focus on 5% of truthfulness. Through this awareness we know that the focus determines what becomes part of our life. So it is valuable to set a good and healthy focus.


Atlantis only works when you turn to knowledge and seek orientation. The one who searches and finds describes in an exemplary way that only that appears in our lives which we strive to achieve.


An important step to grow with Atlantis and discover its capabilities is - to deal with it regularly. This is how it is with everything we want to achieve. A certain period of devotion with the focus on life-enhancing cultivation.


It can support you at the beginning if you take a period of time off for this or if you get a time slot free. The information you collect will decide in which area you want to grow.

Take TIME for your LIFE and development


Fill the Life up again

The personal lifestyle determines which values we implement and live in our lives. What we live every day becomes our experience and determines WHO WE ARE.


We can fill our day with beautiful things. We can create moments that enrich our lives. We can nourish ourselves well and enjoyably. We can have positive interpersonal experiences.


Life is what we make of our lives. Whoever recognizes what influence he has on his life and on the VALUES of his own BEING can influence and optimize life.


Experiencing happiness is an attitude. Experiencing positive life-enhancing moments is also dependent on our inner VALUES.


To know one's inner life and to orientate it in a way that is conducive to life enriches one's own BEING every day, thus a worthwhile step and a good investment in daily practice.


If we really live our desired values, we can live the life we want to live.

Create the best version of yourself


understand ENERGY

From a hermetic point of view, everything a person can perceive is determined by his or her inner attitudes. 


Body chemistry, spirit, faith and inner values determine at all times what a person sees, which senses are active and what he or she does with his or her life.


No one can truly understand or perceive the fields of another person. Every person is 100% responsible for himself.


Free will is the complete energy supply of a living being. A restriction of free will, no matter in which form, harms life and development. 


Freedom is therefore not only vital, but also essential for the decision and the path of life, because every BEING has to decide autonomously to find and walk his individual, personal WAY.


No one can walk the WAY of another, nor protect or help him. Each person walks independently. Always.


For this reason, the basis is to grant freedom at all times and to recognize every being as a self-sufficient unit and to protect, grant and maintain this freedom.

The FREE WILL is untouchable


there is more than words

People communicate on different channels. We express ourselves through who we are, who we want to be, how we show ourselves and how we give ourselves.


Communication is a diverse model, we have a voice, a pitch and a certain way of speaking, this tells the other person who we really are.


At the same time, we speak with our body, with our gestures, with our behaviour and with the way we relate to our counterpart.


Even our inner fields, thoughts, evaluations, can be recognized and read from the first values. The subconscious of a person can perceive all these fields and much more.


We playfully build all these communication channels into the conversation and balance out inconsistencies, or play with words, gestures or attitudes in order to achieve the desired result or to present our point of view.


Communication always has a meaning and purpose, which can also be read from the fields. Vibration, energy and resonance can be recognized and even describe how conversations will continue.

Communication is the exchange of all energy-fields


The Happiness of Life

There are life-enhancing deeds and there are life-impairing deeds. Energy is a term that can describe the value of actions and fields.


Good energy is more conducive to life and increases the quality of life. A good life promotes laughter, joy, happiness and harmony and also supports the body in a good and healthy metabolism.


Interpersonal communication can be healthy and people can complement each other and interact to produce even better results. 


If the personal energy fields and parameters are well aligned, not only the individual but also the environment benefits.


Build-up processes can only grow stably if healthy stones are built on stable ground and energies intertwine that harmonize well with each other.


Talents, abilities and character can develop in such a way that health, happiness and good lifestyles, as well as a good attitude towards life for all people, are created.


The standard of life is measured by the actions and attitudes of the individual.

Create a good Energy in your Life


The Meaning of Life

It is very important for one's own BEING to find and live a SENSE and a PURPOSE as well as a FULFILLMENT in one's existence.


Life has a meaning, the human being has a certain orientation that fits his inner values and patterns and complements his BEING in a perfect way.


If life has a SENSE and the person feels that he has arrived in his perfect sphere of life, every DAY is a gift and an enrichment for life.


This is our basic need and our destiny.


A fulfilled life with the FULLness of possibilities and the natural variety of wonders that can happen every day.

find your meaning in Life