Neptunia 23. July 2020

Neptunia takes place every year on 23 July. We honour the sea god Neptune and bless the water of life.


Here I explain how you can connect with Neptunia and benefit from the energy for yourself.


Connect with Neptunia.

- Michaela Molls - 


Make sure you wear WHITE. Neptunia is the festival of purity and clarity. Therefore dress white.

Honor your body your BEING on this day and clear your mind.


Be together

If you like you can celebrate Neptunia with friends or family. Bless each other, support and heal each other through words, gifts and devotion.


Sea God Neptune gives us his blessing, blesses our water and is with us. Through the trident we receive his energy and blessing.


Your personal Trident

To be connected to the energy, you need your own trident. A pendant or something you carry with you. Surely you can also place a trident at your party.

We connect with Neptune


no matter where you are, just turn to Neptunia to channel the energy to you Dress white, carry your own trident with you and enjoy the Blessing.


bless the water

Neptunia blesses your water and any water you carry with you. Make healing water for the coming year by carrying water with you. Water for healing, harvest, rain, blessing, support.

everywhere possible