Shamballa Network

Worldwide Network Cooperation

​Worldwide Energy Network for Cooperation

Connect to a great worldwide Network Community as a big family. Energies, Fokus and More to the Great Awakening and Support for All Human Beings. Let us share Potential, Talents and Help to each other.


Be sure that your FOCUS is on positivity, Cooperation, exchange information, open heart, awakening, networking, the golden age, energetic basics, energy projections and more.

Together we are creating Possibilities, Humanity, Connection worldwide.

I support this network with my connected Energies:

  • Atlantis / Atlantean Field of Awareness

  • Galactic Federation of Light

  • Arcturian Energies / Galactic Family of the ONE

  • Metatron and Archangels, also Master of Light

  • Shamballa

For the listing in the board, please write an email. I need a proof for DSGVO, to publish your data on my website. Just send it to me by Email.

Create your own banner and send it by Email, ask for the back banner for your side, you can use the following to make a backlink to Atlantis-Kultur.de. Please make sure you have my allowance and the link on the banner.

Together we create the FUTURE - NOW.


Michaela Molls



Shamballa Network


Alicia L Moinicken

Alicia is a new age artist with an old soul.
Her mission and purpose in her life is to help heal and connect people through her art, music, and words. 
She is a free spirited lightbeing with an open heart and open mind.
Here to spread the true light and true love of source.
Helping to raise the frequency of the collective to a higher consciousness.

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