Cultures are formed by people who form a common focus. Groups of people with one focus cultivate certain characteristics and behaviors. Groups that pursue a common goal can combine their energy and strength for projects and thus achieve great things. In this way, temples of unspeakable beauty and splendor were built. We can learn to share our resources.


- Michaela Molls - 

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a small culture

Probably the smallest culture we know is a family. Individually it forms its own rules, habits, common goals, forges plans and grows in a certain direction.


Even if the family lives within a certain culture and society, family life still consists of individual values and structures.


Family life can be wonderfully used to build and maintain healthy VALUES.


Depending on the VALUES we have inherited from our parents, we pass the knowledge on to our children. In this way, an individual branch of culture grows across lines of ancestors and maintains family structures, consolidates them and expands them individually.


Family can be wonderfully used to develop in a life-enhancing way, when old structures are broken down and put to the test. It makes sense to check all actions and behaviour as well as structures to see how life-enhancing they are for all residents.


It is important to note that this process affects not only ourselves, our health and our lives, but also those of our environment, our children and future generations.


Thus the family has a decisive influence on the general happenings of the WORLD and can optimize and cultivate itself self-sufficiently at any time.

use your family for cultivation


learn to life again

Atlantis Culture is the cultivation of life-enhancing behaviours that each person can implement for themselves or for themselves and their environment.


It is important that each person decides for himself, chooses and determines his own development.


There are only 3 directions in which life can develop. It moves into a worse area of life. It stops rigidly. It swings into a more livable area of life.


These directions can alternate individually. Atlantis culture determines a WAY that permanently swings upwards and makes possible areas that are increasingly worth living.


How does that work?


Atlantis culture draws on channeled writings and transmissions based on millennia of knowledge and healthy lifestyles. Parts of this knowledge can also be found in ancient scriptures, stories, hermetics, physics and science, as well as in our common sense.


Nevertheless, Altantis works differently, because we intervene with energy and frequency in the subtle system and thus create experiences that change the BEING. The BEING appears and generates knowledge. This is the Simple Way.


Atlantis Culture is the combination of the source Atlantis with the cultivation of a new BEING. A path of experience that opens up to those who turn to Atlantis.

Atlantis Culture is a new Lifestyle


Magic Frequencies

Everything in Atlantic culture is made up of energy, vibration, frequencies. These energetic keys, which we also call frequency keys, change the human BEING permanently.


Atlantis works with subtle ethereal crystal fragments and energetic connections to highly vibrating energies and energetic places worldwide and galactically.


Via the crystal structures and light frequencies, these connections are connected to the AWAYING and can thus trigger a change and an optimization of life.


The words and the text are secondary and serve to distract the mind. At the same time, the WORD transmits knowledge for a new BEING and an optimization of life, which can take place through action and practice. Nevertheless, this is not relevant.


The transmitting energies and light paths have an influence on the matrix and thus on the earth and its inhabitants. Nevertheless, Atlantis respects Free Will and the energies are only available when the individual voluntarily turns and wants to open up to it.


Atlantis works with space and time, as well as with different dimensions, columns of light, crystal technology, ethereal crystals and extraterrestrial races.


The energies of Atlantis are very strong and should never be underestimated. Also for energetics this advice should be considered.

Light spectra from the atlantic field consciousness